Dec 1, 2013

yes… i'm still here!

It's been awhile… I'm so sorry!  You know the drill.  Life is happening.  Katie Grace has been after me to keep up with the blog.  So, I'm baaackkk! And I'll probably post again.  Maybe after Christmas {or maybe before!}.

In the meantime, head on over to my Facebook page.  I tend to post there a bit more often. In the meantime, whatcha think of my rockin' space at the Mommyshop?  You're surprised to see I've added hair accessories to my line, aren't you?  I told you I've been busy!

Sep 22, 2011

it's one of the many hats I wear...

I wear a lot of hats.  Most importantly mom.mommy.mama.wife.  And before I was those things I was a teacher.  Love, love, love kiddos!  Now I get to be all three.  Mama, wife and substitute teacher.

And, the other hat I wear?  Sewer.  Or stitcher.  Or designer.  However your little heart wants to define it.  I started off in this little business of mine nearly 8 years ago.  When Calvin was a wee little guy and I recieved some cutie baby gifts.  And the creative juices started going.  "I can do that."  And so it started.  Just embellishing onesies at first.  But then along came sweet pea Katie and she grew into a toddler and now a little girl who loves fashion.  So my styles and clothing lines have grown up with her.  From onesies to tees.  And I've added pants and shorts.  And burps and a bib or two.  And the Huggalugs.  Oh me oh my.  I now carry those as the most adorable accessory to my line.

First it was a gift or two that I gave.  Then the word began to spread.  And I got brave.  I asked a boutique store if they were interested in carrying my goodies.  And can you believe they said "yes?"  So from one boutique to another, to another, to another, it grew.  This little business of mine.  And from boutique stores to craft fairs.  And large craft fairs to etsy.  Wow!  Who knew?

Isn't it all wonderful?  How God can take you on a creative little journey you least expected?  And it's joyous.  I love what I do.  I love to create, I love to make people happy, I love to meet all of you.

Aug 31, 2011

i'm admitting it...

oh yes.  it happened. just a few days ago. and i'm just now admitting it to this here little bloggie world. i turned a magical number.  i'm 40 young. happy, carefree and lovin' this little life God gave me.

Aug 24, 2011

this is fun?

Most people's families get together to share Sunday dinners, maybe meet up at the lake or local hot spot. What does our extended family do? Have a garage sale. Yep. I know. Makes no sense at all that I haul my treasures 2 1/2 hours. Yes. You read right. 2 1/2 hours. 
Why, oh why? It's definitely not about the cash.  More moolah is spent on gas driving there and back than what is pulled in. But, we get to enjoy Aunt Angie's delish cinnamon rolls (do I dare mention I had two?), reminisce about all the goodies that are up for sale and question each other's decision to get rid of something.

I get to spend time with my cousins, my kiddos host a rockin' lemonade stand and we laugh at how impractical we are. Yes, it would be easier to donate it all. But we'd miss out on the memories of our quirky family time.

wordless wednesday - enough already!

Aug 8, 2011

letting it all go

I am always trying to teach my kiddos to have a giving spirit, to think of others and be kind.  It doesn't always come easy.  Especially when you are a kiddo.  In a selfish world.

Often times as we make our way to school in the morning I give them a kindness challenge.  It may be to sit by "so and so" at lunch (you know, the little guy or gal who no one wants to sit by) or to play with "so and so" at recess.  Or, it may be to pick a friend of two and silently pray for them throughout the day.

Then, on our way home we talk.  About the kindness challenge.  About what it's like to think of others and be giving of ourselves.

That's why I am so proud of ms. Katie.  Because sometimes being selfless doesn't always come real natural to her.  She took a GIANT step.  Of thinking of others and being giving of herself.  She gave up something that was pretty important to her.  Her hair.

Ten inches.  Bye Bye.
It was a decision we had talked about for a while.  Really, just in passing.  But when it came time to have her hair trimmed for school, she said she wanted to cut it and give it to locks of love.  To help another little girl.
Love you Katie!

 oh... and you all have to head over to ms. casey's to win some A Perfect Treasure love! xoxoxo

Aug 4, 2011

breaking the rules

Have you made your way to Target or Wal-mart to do the BIG school supply shopping?  Well, we did just the other day.  I could have bought all these supplies through our local PTO.  You pay them a nice little fee and your school supplies come boxed and ready for day one.  No hassle, no worries, no fighting the other moms over the last set of watercolors that you have been looking all over town for.

But I like going to the store and making it a family event.  This year was no exception.

Well, maybe just one exception.  We broke the rules.  Over a school supply box.

This is what we were suppose to buy. A plastic box.  For less than a $1.00.
And this is what we ended up buying.  A nice little metal box with lock and key.  For $12.99.

Ooops.  Out the door goes the budget.  And in the door is a happy little girl with the perfect school supply.

Jul 28, 2011

saying goodbye

I am a loyalist.  A keeper.  And it's hard for me to let things go.  That's why this week it was really hard for me to say goodbye.
to a car.
I'm not even a car person.  Especially to a sports car when I'm nearing a magical age {more on that one later} and have two kiddos.  But it was my first car purchase.  College graduation.  Nearly {ahem} 20 years ago.

But it's time to let it go.  Especially when we HAD to drive the car to a sports practice and the kids were asking me to park at the very back of the parking lot.  I'm not sure if they were more embarrassed by the rumble from the muffler or the cool sleek design.

So goodbye sweet camaro.  Thanks for the  memories.  And a great big AMEN from the kiddos and dad.  They put up with my "can't let it go" attitude long enough.

Also, a congratulations to ms. Kylie Kreikemeier! She won some awesome loot from some pretty sleek sponsors over at The Anderson Crew.  Can't wait to stitch a little something up for you ms. kylie!

Jul 27, 2011


It's just around the corner it is, it is.  That's right.  School.  Around here our district posts the class list.  Mid summer.  And it's a big deal.  Mini vans roll up to the door.  Kids jump out and RUN to the display plastered to the windows.  Moms have pen and paper in hand. Or, a camera phone. {so sorry about the quality!}
And thankfully there were smiles from my kiddos.  Just the right teacher.  Just the right amount of friends in their class.  Whew!  Now we can chillax {oh yeah, might as well speak a seven and nine year olds language} and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Jul 25, 2011

gotta love it!

So one of these hot summer days we really need to get out the hose and a bucket of soapy water and wash the van.  Calvin thinks so anyway.
Katie thinks so too.  Although the rule follower that she is {uh hum} she had to add her two cents worth...

Jul 13, 2011

a perfect little family game night... old school

So my computer decided not to come out of sleep mode.  For days.  {That's kinda how I feel sometimes!}  Fortunately, up and running it decided to be.  Just in time for krystina and what i love wednesday.  Whew!

You all know I'm old school.  I love old things.  I love traditions.  I'm a sentimental kinda gal.  So it shouldn't surprise you that when it comes to family game night, we took a little step back in time as well.  Ever play Rack-o?

Object?  To put your cards in order in a neat little plastic tray.  One draw and discard at a time.  Oh, and make a 3 card run as well.  Katie loved the signal you were suppose to give when you completed your task.  Yelling RACK-O! at the top of her lungs.

My competitive young 'uns loved the game.  Okay maybe not loved, but really liked seeing how it wasn't Mario Kart or electronic UNO.  It was fun sharing a bit of one of mommy's favorite games when she was a little girl.  Original bent cornered and yellowed cards in all.


Jul 7, 2011

pink flamingos

So ms. emily over at the anderson family crew sponsors a wonderful linky party.  It involves pictures.  Of yourself.

I love, love, love taking pictures of my family.  And the kids have become quite the posers.  Mommy on the otherhand.... Dislikes.   But this week I decided to join in on the fun.  Because it is the loveliest of ideas, isn't it?  To take the time to have someone take a picture of you?  And this little series of pictures showcases some of the mommy/daughter fun Katie and I had this summer.  A bit of pink flamingo softball.

Didn't she make the cutest of all catchers?   She's a tiny thing.  And as you can see {and Katie cannot :)} the gear was a bit on the big side.

And the team name?  The pink flamingos, of course!  Complete with our own mascots on display.
Up to bat came ms. Katie.  And as a mom your heart is hoping.  That the ball will be hit.  It took my little sweet pea a while.  But she got the swing of it {no pun intended!} and saved her very best hit for the last game of the year.  Smack dab right up the middle, passed the pitcher, passed the second basement into the grass.  She ran to first, rounded the bag, on to second where there was a.... very.... close.... OUT!
So, as the official "team mom" I had a first hand part of Katie's little summer adventure.  Up close.  Setting up snack schedule, making sure the batting order was correct and the most important?  Reminding the girls in the dug out there is no crying in softball.  Only hugs and chants of "Come on {Katie} you can do it, put a little  power to it!