Jul 13, 2011

a perfect little family game night... old school

So my computer decided not to come out of sleep mode.  For days.  {That's kinda how I feel sometimes!}  Fortunately, up and running it decided to be.  Just in time for krystina and what i love wednesday.  Whew!

You all know I'm old school.  I love old things.  I love traditions.  I'm a sentimental kinda gal.  So it shouldn't surprise you that when it comes to family game night, we took a little step back in time as well.  Ever play Rack-o?

Object?  To put your cards in order in a neat little plastic tray.  One draw and discard at a time.  Oh, and make a 3 card run as well.  Katie loved the signal you were suppose to give when you completed your task.  Yelling RACK-O! at the top of her lungs.

My competitive young 'uns loved the game.  Okay maybe not loved, but really liked seeing how it wasn't Mario Kart or electronic UNO.  It was fun sharing a bit of one of mommy's favorite games when she was a little girl.  Original bent cornered and yellowed cards in all.



  1. I completely agree! Even though my little one is too young for any games yet, I'm going to make sure she knows the old school stuff too. Your girls might have fun with my post today too...found you on lollipops.

  2. Oh I used to play this game with my grandparents on hot summer nights at their farm. They had an old Racko game that looked just like yours - how fun and yay for traditions!

  3. Family Game Nights are a dying tradition - they're such a great way to spend quality time with the most important people in your life. At the beginning of the summer, we started planning monthly Neighborhood Family Game Nights, where the first week of each month all the families in the neighborhood get together for dinner and fun! We rotate houses, get fun team board games to play, a spinning wheel for small prizes, a and a barbecue and outdoor movie showing if the weather cooperates! It's a great opportunity to make new friends, and spend time with families! :)

  4. you could always enjoy a good game of racko with your family

  5. Game nights are the best! My family and I look forward to ours at least once a month. We try to vary up the games we play just to keep in interesting. We play anything from GoFish card games, to dominoes to trivia using Spinning Wheels. My husband and I work a lot of hours and although our children aren't small anymore, this is our one outlet to really let loose and enjoy our family time when we have it! Nice read!