Aug 8, 2011

letting it all go

I am always trying to teach my kiddos to have a giving spirit, to think of others and be kind.  It doesn't always come easy.  Especially when you are a kiddo.  In a selfish world.

Often times as we make our way to school in the morning I give them a kindness challenge.  It may be to sit by "so and so" at lunch (you know, the little guy or gal who no one wants to sit by) or to play with "so and so" at recess.  Or, it may be to pick a friend of two and silently pray for them throughout the day.

Then, on our way home we talk.  About the kindness challenge.  About what it's like to think of others and be giving of ourselves.

That's why I am so proud of ms. Katie.  Because sometimes being selfless doesn't always come real natural to her.  She took a GIANT step.  Of thinking of others and being giving of herself.  She gave up something that was pretty important to her.  Her hair.

Ten inches.  Bye Bye.
It was a decision we had talked about for a while.  Really, just in passing.  But when it came time to have her hair trimmed for school, she said she wanted to cut it and give it to locks of love.  To help another little girl.
Love you Katie!

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  1. So sweet! And so much hair!!! What a generous gift!

  2. This is a great act of service. You have taught her well and she is an example to many. Besides the fact that she is ADORABLE. What a cute blog you have. So glad I found though "life made lovely." Following :)

  3. That's our Katie Grace - it takes her a little (quiet reflection) time to "figure things out" but it is usually a very good decision!

  4. That's so awesome of her. I donated 23 inches last year but I've since heard of some controversy with Locks of Love so next time I think I'll go with Pantene's Beautiful Lengths.

  5. How sweet!! Olivia and I read this together and she was worried for Katie at first that she wouldn't have any hair for school.. Until I showed her the ' after' picture. :) Both you and Katie have a lot to be proud of!

  6. just found your cute blog! following now!



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  7. OMG! her hair was perfectly straight! so pretty. what a big heart she has. i love what you are instillilng to them about being the one that reaches out. that is something that is SO important in my faith walk...that i DO things that share the love of God.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! so happy because now i know of yours! :) will be following your blog and on twitter now!