Jul 6, 2011

i love you

i love the way you say my name.
i love your timely wit. 
i love the Godly man you've become.  
i love the way you tuck our kids in at night.  
i love when you unload the dishwasher.
i love your calm reaction.  i love how you let me throw a fit. 
i love how you forgive.  
i love being your high school sweetheart. 
i love watching you mow the lawn. 
i love how you buy us carryout at night, after the kids go to bed. 
i love your family and how you love mine. 
i love how you refuse to get a cell phone.  
i love the way you do a dance with Katie and play catch with Calvin.  
i love how you encourage me.  
i love that you let me be a stay at home mommy.
i love that you love me.
i love you mr. dillon.  happy 15 year anniversary!

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