Jul 5, 2011

a perfect little competition

Whew!  Boy howdy. Mr. Dillon woke up on the 4th early.  Very early.  With the agonizing pain of a kidney stone.  Ouch!  So we loaded the sweet little ones into mommy's ambulance and we spend the morning at the ER.

Calvin's reaction?  A silent little prayer or two wishing God would heal daddy quickly and take away his pain.

Katie's reaction?  This is the worst fourth of July ever. 

Mommy's reaction?  A giggle.  Over how we are never in control of what we think we are.  From the minute to minute plans of the day, to our children, to our life.  Thank God I am not in control.  And He is.  And thank you for the comfort that He gives.

So anyhoo, thankfully we had a little fourth of July fun, through a practice run, the night before.  And a little competition was about.  The favored parachute catch...

On your mark...
Get set....


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  1. Oh, I hope he is feeling better! No fun! Your daughter's reaction would definitely have been my daughter's reaction, hahahaha. Gotta love it.

  2. when did he pass it?