Jun 1, 2011

i'm so inspired... will you join me in joining her?

You all know I am fairly new to this whole blogging thing.  I tell you.  I find so many of you incredible!

Just reading some of your amazing stories is uplifting.  I'd like you to meet one in particular I have completely fallen in love with.  Maybe some of you know her.  Her name is Jess.  I love her passion for her family, her faith in her Savior, her love for others.

She has challenged me this month.  Well, not just me but her readers.  To take the time.  To intentionally take the time to spend with God.  Her feelings are mine.  You get busy and often times spending time with God is part of the to do list.  Yikes.  I hate to even admit that.  But in this season of life, it tends to be that way.

So her 30 day challenge in the month of June is my 30 day challenge to you as well.  She asks us to grab a friend, to keep each other accountable. Will you be mine?  Please go to her blogpost, read her inspiring thoughts and get ready.  It starts today :)

The Macs the priority of my day

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