May 31, 2011

a perfect little bike ride

The first of the season.

Tires aired.  check.
Training wheels on.  check.  (summer project around here to get rid of those.)
Helmets.  uncheck.  whoops.  (a little rusty on remembering that.)  next time.

A beautiful day and time for a ride.  You notice Katie is wearing pants.  Not that she goes around with nothing on.  She just rarely wears pants.  She's my girly girl.  You know, dress or skirt.  But she decided wearing a skirt on a bike was a bad idea.

We ventured around the neighborhood to one of our favorite destinations.  Oh yes.  What a novelty.  Whenever we start out for a walk or a ride the kids shout "to the fish mailbox!" And down the street, around the block, up a hill, under some trees we go.

What's your favorite bike riding destination?  Please share... I'd love to hear ;)

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