May 17, 2011

a perfect little field trip

I love being a stay at home mom.  And the perk this week?  Field trip day, baby.  Calvin's 3rd grade took a little trip to a farmstead.  Mahaffie Farmstead and Stage Coach Stop.  Just to get a little view of life back in the day.

At each station, the kids got a brief explanation and maybe a bit of hands on experience.  Here, it was a ride in a stagecoach.  How cool is that?  I even took a little ride.
You notice I'm smiling?  That's before the ride.  Our little guide said it wasn't that rough of a ride.  That there are "bumpers" to keep you from swaying.  Okay, maybe from swaying but it was bumpy.  Very bumpy.
Making the most of those muscles!
And how fun is this?  Writing with old fashioned pen and ink.  I love what's on Calvin's mind.  The last day of school :)
So last night as we were visiting about the day, the field trip and all the fun, I asked Calvin "What did you learn today?"  His response "That a school bus has to stop at the train tracks."
God love him.

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