May 14, 2011

a perfect game of dodgeball (complete with a half time show)

I had so much fun with the kiddos today.  We played.  Just played.  And what did we play?

This mama isn't a dodgeball expert by any means.  I'm not much of a dodger.  Or a thrower.  But I do love playing with my kids.  When Calvin was a little guy he would want to play football in the basement.  Over and over and over again.  We'd pick team names, have a kickoff, four downs, you name it.  I'd pretend tackle him and start kissing him on the neck where he would reply in that sweet preschool voice "Mom, there's no kissing in football!"

So, moving on a few years later we still play games.  Today we giggled and joked and changed up the dodgeball rules.  Then Katie decided she needed to put on a half time show (or two).  So Calvin and I took a little break and watched her routine.  Complete with a black cat costume.  Oh my.  That Katie.

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