May 2, 2011

the basketball game... rock chalk jayhawk?

So, we arrived at the basketball game and as you can see in the pics, no more barbie tat for Katie.  Whew!
We have a divided house here in the Dillon home.  Some of us cheer red and blue.  Some of us cheer purple.  We won't mention any names.  Anywhoo, the KU seniors came to Louisburg to take on our high school seniors in a little basketball game.
Then afterward, we all enjoyed a bit of BBQ.  Since Jim helped organize this deal, the kids and I got to join in.  Calvin was as shy as can be.  "No pictures mom!" Katie on the otherhand made her rounds.  First up?  Ms. Houchen.
Then a gal from KU who helped organize their end of things
("This is a first!"  she said. "Nobody usually wants a picture with me!")
Then, finally onto the more of the, shall we say, stars of the show?
Tyrel Reed - (He said he liked Katie's outfit, although self admittedly not really being into fashion, "it looked pretty cool", he said)
Brady Morningstar

Mario Little

Finally, Calvin decided he'd take a picture so he joined in with little sis for a group shot.  Gotta love it :)

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