Nov 1, 2009

Sweet friends

Halloween is becoming the holiday that will never end! Between trunks for treats at school and church, downtown trick or treating night, class parties and the actual day...we have enough candy to last us a year! The kids had a great time sorting all the candy into chocolate, suckers, sweettarts, laffy taffy etc. and insisting they liked it ALL and mom and dad really didn't need a stash of their own...

Calvin is continuing his sports theme and was a basketball player this year (he has already been a golfer, soccer player and football player) while Katie was Portia from one of her favorite cartoons, "Friends and Heroes". She also got a lot of wear from her candy corn tee and was delighted to see other girls from school wearing their Halloween shirts. This pictures shows Katie and her friend wearing their tees to their class parties. How adorable!

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