Jun 17, 2011

on my heart

Remember your first sleepover?  You know, at someone other than Grandma or Grandpa's?  I can't remember the first time I spent the night at a friend's house but I can remember spending the night at my friend Michele's house.  A lot.  In middle school.

It was the summer she was moving away and we wanted to spend every minute we could together.  So we did.  And it was fun.  We stayed up late and watched Solid Gold Dancers.  And we called catalog companies requesting a catalog.  (what girl doesn't like to receive mail?)  Our favorite catalog?  Speigal.  Ahhh.  And we put on Michael Jackson and made up a dance to PYT.  It just makes me giggle thinking of it all.

Well, recently my little sweet pea got to do something that I never got to do.  And I am sure many of you never had the chance to do either.  She got to spend the night.  Not at a hotel.  Not at Grandpa and Grandmas.  Not at a friends house...
She got to spend the night at school.

How fun is that?  Her little bff won the prize at a school fundraiser.  The prize included spending the night with a few little friends and the principal.  First on the agenda was determining where they were going to sleep.  They took a little trip around the school, visiting the lunchroom, stage, nurses office... and they decided upon the music room.  Complete with big screen.

So after sleeping bags were rolled out the fun began continued.  First was movie time.  Annie.  Then on to the stage for their own version of American Idol.  Then a fun little game of hide and seek.  On to the gym for a game or two of kickball, then off to do some crafts.  More specifically, jewelry making.  Lastly, time to hunker down and watch another movie(Aquamarine).  Snacks were munched and finally... finally... (into the wee hours of the morning) asleep.

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  1. uh no i never got to spend the night at school. how fun. what an awesome principle.
    happy friday!
    p.s. i followed you!

  2. sooo fun!! love your bloggy blog!

  3. That is sooo fun! What a great idea!

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  7. it would be fun if it the school was haunted.