May 25, 2011

a perfect little prayer

Tornados are scary. I should know. I've been through one.

Eighteen years ago my family farm was destroyed by a tornado. And I was home when it happened.

Thankfully my brother and I were in the basement. Huddled under the stairs. Praying.

The biggest shock was the unveiling. After it was all over, coming out of our hiding place and seeing the destruction. Farm equipment tossed like toys, concrete silos pushed over like a tower of blocks.

There have been a lot of storms around here lately. Many of you have seen the horrific destruction in Joplin. The tragic of lives lost. Loved ones missing.

Today in our little town the tornado sirens went off. I was home alone and my sweet peas and hubby were at school.  After things had settled a bit,  I got a phone call from school.  From Calvin.  On speaker phone  "Hi mom.  I'm okay.  How's Dad and Katie?  Love you mom!"

How thoughtful of Mrs. W. to have the kids call home.  Letting us parents know our little ones were safe.  Jim and Katie were okay too.  A small tornado had touched down, knocking a few trees, breaking a few fences.  Thank God.  Nothing like Joplin.  Nothing like eighteen years ago.

Later, when I picked Calvin up from school.  He quietly told me. "Mom, my friend and I prayed during the tornado.  That you and Dad and Katie were okay.  And for his family, too."

Those sweet words melted my heart.  "I prayed for you."  From a little guy.  Who loves Jesus.

credit Louisburg Herald
Please continue to pray for those in Joplin.

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  1. Awh! Must have great parents to teach him the love of God!