Apr 21, 2011

possibly, definitely or tomorrow

I went shopping this week. 

My wardrobe is very overdue for a spring spruceup, but my oh my it wasn't so fun trying on clothes.  I have had too much fun eating my favorite desserts all winter.

Those sweatpants I wear around the house seem to still fit.  It's just those cute shorter shorts that aren't looking so good. So I bought a couple of shirts.  Those always seem to fit regardless of the winter fun! 

I did get the biggest kick out of the dressing room.  I loved how they labeled the hooks... I loved the positive thinking that was being portrayed.   There wasn't a "no" option.  Just a "let it sink in for awhile, you need this, you  look good in this girl" kind of mentality.
So there is always tomorrow or the next day after that.  I like that.  It's a happy thing.

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