Mar 6, 2011

Special k

I can't believe I just bought 8 boxes of cereal. Yes. 8.

It was on sale.

I love special k vanilla almond. It makes me happy and is my "go to" snack when I can't decide what to eat. My kids think I'm silly. Especially Calvin who can't even stand the smell of cereal. He leaves the table if I am eating it. That's okay though. It makes it easier for me to snitch another one of my favorites, a piece of chocolate. :)

Are you or someone you know a ku or ksu fan? A simple "k" on a onesie in your favorite team's colors makes a great gift for that niece or nephew or friend. I have purple short sleeve onesies in size 3-6 months and a few red long sleeved ones left. And of course, white always works! I've also added some holiday onesies to my sale. If you know your sweet pea's size for next winter, stock up on that sweet Christmas or Halloween onesie now! Just $15.00 and shipping is free if you're a follower of this blog.

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