Jul 1, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

I love what I do.  Really.  It's so fun creating that special little something just for you.  I first starting stitching over six years ago for family and friends.  It was just onesies back then, stitching that sweet little newborns name beneath a heart for a little girl or a star for a little boy.

Below I've listed some faq. Hopefully I can answer a few you may have.  If not, drop me a line.

Why hand-stitch?

Handstitching is unique. It gives the garment a look of craftsmanship, care and personality.  And it's so sweet and personal!  With handstitching, there is no doubt that the piece is one of a kind. It takes time, but I think it's worth the quality.

How do the garments wash?

Perfectly! I often throw Katie's item straight into the washer and dryer. However, to be on the safe side I would suggest turning the garment inside out. If ironing is needed, iron inside out as well.  Minky doesn't like that hot thing.

What type of fabric are the appliques made from?

I use the highest quality of minky fabric I can find. Minky is an ultra soft, micro-fiber fabric that is irresistably soft! Minky comes in many colors. Fushia, light pink, red, brown, lime green, navy blue, purple, yellow... the list goes on and on!  Most of the solid color minky is smooth although some have a soft raised dot that gives an added texture.  There are many patterns to choose from as well. On some of my appliques, I use a soft chenille fabric as well.

What brand of shirts do you use?

I use Carter's for all the long and short sleeved white onesies. Carter's is a popular brand that is a higher quality than Gerber's or Carter's less quality brand "child 'o mine". For tees and tanks I generally use Old Navy or a high quality online brand.  Shorts, dresses and skorts are a high quality online brand as well.

What sizes and colors of onesies/tees and tanks are available?

White onesies are available in sizes nb to 24 month.  Sizing is based on the baby's weight.  Here is a chart to help you decide what size is best for your sweet pea.
3 month = 7-12 lbs.
6 month = 12-16 lbs. 
9 month = 16-20 lbs. 
12 month = 20-24 lbs. 
18 months = 24-28 lbs. 
24 month = 28-32 lbs. 
Now and then I have colored onesies available.  Shoot me an email for a special request.  I just may have the colored onesie in stock you are looking for! Tees and tanks are generally 2T-size 8 and come in an assortment of colors that are available on a limited basis.

I want to place an order. Now what?

Visit my etsy store or email me aperfecttreasure@yahoo.com In your email, describe the item you are wanting, size and design. And of course you can always find me at Mommyshop, Big Day Boutique and Events, Madi's Closet and Jolene's Children's Boutique.

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